CBD OIl Business Made Simple

Well I hate to bust your bubble, but I do not know of an easy way to start this type of business. This business is just like other businesses in one way and in other ways it is different.

You can make the CTFO CBD business easy up to a point. People approach this business in different ways. But no matter how you approach this business the main thing you have got to do is to not give up.

Too many people give up when they are almost there. The thing is you never know if you are almost there or not. A gold miner in a cave could be 1 mile from gold or just inches away from hitting the biggest gold strike ever.

Read this story 3 Feet From Gold as it relates to this business.

Hopefully you read the short story at the link above. the key is to never give up. Maybe you join CTFO and everything goes perfectly for you. Right out of the gate you find 3 people that are pros at network marketing and you business takes off. This happens to some people. They may have just been at the right place at the right time. Your right time may be next week or next year but at some point in time your right time will come if you are promoting this business.

WHAT DO YOU want or NEED THAT YOU DOn'T HAVE NOW? Think short and long term

– Do you want more money?
– Do you want a better job?
– Maybe you want to travel more.
– Are you tired of that 8 to 5 job?
– At retirement I just want to make enough money to live out the rest of my life any way I see fit.
– Maybe you are 30 and want to live your future life the way you see fit.

The above exercise was just to get you thinking.

What do I mean - promoting this business

There are many ways to promote this business. It is probably best to start off by writing down a list of ideas.

- Get business cards and pass out.
- Purchase magnetic signs for your car.
- Get people to listen in to the weekly webinars.
- Send some emails out to people.
- Call some friends and tell them you are in a new business.
- Place some drop cards out when you go shopping.


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